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Bulletin – Winter - 2004

G.A.F. International / The George Adamski Foundation

Do to situations beyond our control this past year; we suspended our activities with regards to the publication of the bulletin. The bulletin will now be on a new schedule of every 4 months – or 3 times a year – or as schedules and demands dictate.

* * * *

Often, within the UFO field, the question is asked – Who is telling, or who will reveal the truth? Who is responsible for withholding it, and why? In short, accusations abound, with most people unwittingly becoming too easily absorbed and enthralled by …… The Blame Game:

The promotion of the ‘Blame Game’ has in itself become a convenient and effective theme; a misdirection tool, serving to “sensationalize and attract”, and therefore a more thorough examination of this process may lead to some valuable answers.

As one examines the subject of Extraterrestrial Space Crafts & Visitations these days, one easily discovers a virtual bombardment of input, opinions and information; a near circus or carnival like atmosphere of extravagant rumors, claims, personalities and accusations. Through such non-related activities, no shortage of irrelevant subjects have managed to leech themselves onto this field, thereby intending, perhaps by some false or mystical association, to broaden their own appeal and marketability. Things deemed Mystical and New Age have also found a home in this attachment over the years. And whilst so much appears to contribute to the greater state of misrepresentation and confusion, another increasingly reoccurring theme of “Blame & Misdirection”, also has evolved within this subject – one unique enough to have seen decades of repeated attempts of denial by so many for so long.

No doubt, such activities serve well to intrigue and tantalize the mind or imagination, but little do they contribute in the way of substantive or constructive form. For while immersed in such thinking, an endless loop so to speak, the mind becomes ever hesitant to consider or think outside such persuasive control, and in fact, is discouraged from doing so.

The ‘Blame Game’ insinuates and accuses, in one form or another, that our space visitors, who have traveled millions of miles to peacefully interact with us over countless centuries, to be increasingly held responsible – falsely, one should clearly add – for the mounting calamity of our evolving planetary, environmental, or geopolitical woes. The growing popularity of such accusations – often all to eagerly supported by a misunderstanding or recognition of our own earthly methods of psychological manipulations and subversive control – continues to find a sympathetic audience. Such blame is projected to cover accusations of overwhelming earthly interference and manipulations. Or, if not then perceived aggressive or destructive in nature, then blamed again for the popular misconception of their apparent non-intervention in our behalf.
(In reality, they have intervened numerous times on our behalf, the least of which to help prevent nuclear holocaust several times).

On an individual level, these accusations once again falsely target our Space Visitors for any undesirable consequences of our own everyday actions, misunderstandings, or combined ineptitude. Accusations of powers who would manipulate our minds and bodies; again we seek to blame anyone, anything rather than looking inward for the more plausible answers regarding perceptions, emotional, mental distresses or disturbances gathered throughout our everyday ‘restless’ existence. Seeking to avoid or defer responsibility seems almost to have evolved into a global way of life on this planet, both collectively and individually. If we clearly understood or had some insight into ourselves, the realization must certainly spring forth that no one is to blame for the consequences of ‘our own’ thoughts, attitudes and actions. If thoughts are received, and time is given towards the contemplation their meaning and consequences prior to spontaneous reaction, then we become the masters of our own destiny and no one can control or do anything to us, either Earthly or Extraterrestrial.

Although at times, we may feel as little less than a reed in the sea of surrounding events, we still have the ability to remove ourselves from the influence of negativity, if not sometimes in form, then at least in thought. For as we Thinketh, then most assuredly, ‘We Are.’ Given any given circumstance, if one were to picture in one’s mind being in the most personally serene or enjoyable situation or environment, for that moment, how quickly one is there - nothing else matters or exists. Removal is complete, and as one of creations most adaptable manifestations, we can tune and create situations and environments sympathetic to our individual peace and freedom anywhere. To basically, practice the ability to step away. The choice to be the adaptor of our thoughts and actions is nothing more or less than merely that – a choice.

And lastly, another popular target of the ‘Blame Game’ crowd has become governments, their agencies, or other organizations, for the cover up and consequent secrecy surrounding UFOs & Extraterrestrial Visitations, which in one form or another, they have no doubt purposely and deceptively engaged and contributed towards. However, they have not done so without their reasons. Reasons and decisions empowered by elections and appointments, readily handed them to make, sometimes for the perception of the common welfare - or just plain personal, justifiable or not, right or wrong.

Denial is a tool used for self-protection. An instrument used to escape and provide deflection and protection from actions or reactions, or basically, a method of shifting responsibility or consequence. Once engaged in, it perpetuates itself, having the possibility of growing beyond control. In the late 1940’s, many governments had little idea where these extraterrestrial crafts, seen all over the planet, and yes, witnessed and recovered from Roswell, Aztec, Cortez, etc, had come from. Still immersed in a protectionism and defensive mode of thinking from earlier global wars and other escalating dilemmas, those relegated with the power of decision determined that the facts and evidence proving extraterrestrial visitations were another problem on their already overburdened plate. With little instigation, this subject was quickly relegated to the designation of being highly classified and consequently securely locked down – with greater security designation then the Manhattan Project (Atom Bomb).

Much later, in the 1960’s, it is interesting to note that according to the Washington Daily News article of December 25, 1969, the USAF Academy standard physics course taught, ‘UFOs are possibly Alien visitors to our planet’. The textbook, Introductory Space Science, published by the USAF physics department - concluded that the UFO phenomena, a global entity for many thousands of years, ‘leaves us with the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet, or at least of alien controlled UFOs’. And a 1968 document “UFOs: What to Do’, from the Rand Corporation, one of the most reputable and recognized Washington think tanks, stated, ‘The historical aspects suggest an extraterrestrial explanation for UFOs’.

Lastly of course, there still stands the 1952 USAF announcement, that such sightings DO NOT represent a threat to our National Security.

In the early 1950’s, after thousands of recorded sightings, photographs, and events worldwide, in conjunction with direct contacts with individuals like George Adamski and others, combined with the famous aerial shows of fleets of UFOs over Washington D.C. in 1952, the subject and truth behind extraterrestrial visitations was actually considered for full public disclosure. However, predominant military minds prevailed otherwise; determining that at best, the public’s reaction would be adverse or unstable, so the subject was once again relegated to utmost secrecy. In all fairness, if considering the mania experienced after such transmissions as Orson Well’s radio program, and the later movie, War of the Worlds, such psychological assessment of public reaction was, and continues to be, perhaps somewhat justified. Imagine the public’s mentality and reaction after years of preconditioning from such threatening Sci-Fi productions as ‘Men in Black’, ‘Armageddon’, or ‘Alien’, what the reaction would be today to aliens and space ship landings? Threat, aggression, fear, and attack - we have perpetuated all these concepts. In those early years, and now, over reaction and panic was considered to be of no ones benefit, and highly destabilizing – although the argument could be made that through proper, responsible discloser, many repercussions could have been greatly minimized. Truthfully, there simply existed a lack of will and courage to properly address this phenomenon. Nationally, and globally, the defensive cold war and nuclear mentality was unfolding in full force, plus once a secret perpetuated, the reputations and careers of the individuals, or members within their staff involved, (many of whom would progress to senior positions throughout government later in history) had to be maintained and untarnished.

By the later 1950’s, the super power race and cold war had become a global affliction; most nations spending on National Defense was escalating beyond previous comprehension or control, as shown by the former Soviet Union’s later bankruptcy due to unlimited, uncontrolled military spending. Then, as well as today, the uncompromising return to such thinking and activity has come to threaten current Western Nations economic health and viability as well.

Between a growing military dependency, and the industries behind the ever-increasing reliance on and development of petroleum fuels and products, these two primary powers, often working in alliance, have grown to drive the entire political and financial structure, both domestically and globally, and in short both remain the foundation and direction behind this planets way of life. Who can take a realistic look at the news and financial markets today, or in the last 50 years and say differently? And it is primarily for these two reasons alone, our governments and organizations that determine the path and pace of development on this planet - would never, and will never – “voluntarily” divulge the truth behind U.F.O s. President, and former General Eisenhower was quite correct with his departure warning from office in 1960 – To beware of the military industrial complex.

Add to this, the perceived threat to our belief structure or religious ideology, then the information and potential knowledge behind the revelation of our extraterrestrial visitors will remain solidly and successfully suppressed – baring a event by the extraterrestrials themselves – and this they cannot, and will not, do unless in a catastrophic event pending planetary disruption.

They do not come here to clean up our messes, nor to discipline unruly irresponsible activities. How embarrassing and unbecoming to even expect anyone, let alone those from other worlds, too clean up after our ineptitude. For basically, it has been long determined by our own populations, by our own behavior, that the majority of the people do not desire the knowledge behind free energy and electro magnetic propulsion prevalent in U.F.O.s and extraterrestrial societies; for our financial markets would collapse overnight if such were made readily available. Since the world markets revolve over the sale and production of petroleum products, without extensive foresight, openness and preparation, such a system as is currently in place would end. And how many are dependent on jobs, incomes and security regarding such? How many are involved or dependent on investments, retirements, etc, in that very same market? And for the same reasons, we do not wish insights into their knowledge of the Universe and peaceful coexistence, for our financial markets thrive on the perpetual global imbalance and profits made from the instigation of tactical aggression (often the same in principle as practiced within our own business and personal lives) alongside the production and sale of arms required to support such.

And lastly, sadly, we have little stomach or desire for spiritual enlightenment if it does not agree or coincide with our entrenched preconceived belief structures or existing religious organizations, or personalities. We really do not wish knowledge from worlds beyond ours, nor enlightenment into the vast creation or Creator surrounding us, if such knowledge requires us to perpetuate individual thought and intelligence. Although many freethinking theologians have openly supported the concept of Universal Life and Creation throughout the cosmos, saying that “original” scripture teaches this truth, unfortunately greater still are the majority who feel compelled to faithfully profess and follow recognized and accepted dogmas.

Economic, political, and religious … And such only tops the fundamental list of the most powerful reasons addressed.

Perhaps it is then clear that involvement or promotion of the ‘Blame Game’ is nothing less than counter-productive, and at best, a total waste of time. It totally consumes productive thought and action. For it’s just not them, the accused and perceived delegates who exercise power, it’s not the motion nor position of the heavens or stars, nor the seemingly random sequences of everyday existence as they unfold, nor anyone else from Space, other worlds or from afar whom we would dearly like to defer and lay blame…. In reality, responsibility and involvement lies with willing participants and their actions, and that can only be with the majority who partake.

Therefore, realistically, those who may wait solely upon some type of divine moment of revelation, perhaps based upon remittent conscience or sudden inspiration from our powers and personas that be, they are indeed fooling themselves. Still today, many profess that only through the “acceptable channels” of recognizable leaders, or organizations, stepping forward & risking exposure – perhaps again suggesting how and what we should think, providing their definition of truth - will people be satisfied to ever openly accept such information. In truth, after so many years of misinformation and disinformation, even if the facts where actually revealed, most people have become so preconditioned that the majority would not be inclined to accept it still.

Therefore, in the light of such stark realism, one must learn to look elsewhere. And just as obviously, such reasons determine exactly why any “successful” contact and interaction between visitors from other worlds and ourselves returns too, and continues to be, on a one-on-one basis; between everyday people in everyday locations, and not so inclined with the many self-proclaimed experts and self-indulgent figures of institutionalized prominence.

And we must be forthright with ourselves as well. For the most part, we as a people and as a civilization have freely given away the power and responsibility for our lives - and those to whom we have given it, have all too readily agreed to accept it. Our governing personas and agencies are merely exercising the charge placed upon them by ourselves: to rule and govern with as little personal involvement from us, and with the least possible amount of change – this most of all, for through our ignorance to the nature and definition of change, we fear. Therefore our leaders merely continue to do what we always empower them to do.

So if anyone wishes to indulge in The Blame Game – they must look first in the mirror of reflection. The truth and answers we seek have never been totally denied or ever completely hidden from anyone. In actuality, it seems that the discovery and inclusion of truth in our lives has become something greatly feared and wished ignored if at all possible – the internal conflict between what we want verses what is right or true. Yet, throughout history, numerous individuals have come to gently help and assist us towards the right direction, both from here and afar. Yet of late, one must ponder the question, what has happened to our own inquisitive nature, our own insistence and desire to expand and progress in every aspect of our existence?

Most of all, where are the seekers of the truth? Contrary to popular belief, not variations based upon boundless and meaningless interpretations, theories, or opinions, but the desire and commitment to seek reasonable, tangible and meaningful answers and values, and most of all with the “willingness give them more than simple lip service and to actually apply such principles”. Not those who wish it presented or given to them only in palatable and convenient forms, requiring no change or effort from themselves – but those responsible and insightful enough to use their inherent wisdom and knowledge to question, recognize and apply it to one primary focus - the one and only universal truth – for there no substitutions nor variations.

* * * *

Quote for Thought.

“The result is that science has drifted into age of theories. Theories are made subservient to facts. A fact cannot be a fact unless their crazy theories prove it. The more abstruse and bizarre the theory is, the more, apparently, it is scientifically thought of. A theory that is not even understood by the originator himself, and by no one else on earth, meets with scientific approval.” Col. James Churchward - 1933.

News of Interest - In the last several years, this section has expanded to include not only issues and reports relevant to UFO’s and extraterrestrial life, but also thought provoking items worthy of review and analysis in relevant fields. Such additions are provided in order to provoke thought, awareness and understanding within, and to recognize the nature of our interactive and interdependent nature of life on this planet.

Please keep in mind that due to the nature of this particular bulletin, a composition combined over the period between 2003 & 2004, some articles are dated.

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U.F.O. & Extraterrestrial:

During the summer of 2004 a formation of UFOs was sighted over Mexico City. Such was also tracked by radar and video taped. The Mexico Air Force scrambled their jets, made eye contact and filmed the encounter, but were unable to intercept the vehicles nor match their maneuverability. The report and video was aired extensively in S. America and Europe, but with very little to no coverage in the U.S.

Our Prospective Neighbors from the Galaxy Next Door: NY Times, 11/24/04.
Since 1995, astronomers and astrophysicists have mostly come to believe that extraterrestrial life is not preposterous, no possible BUT PROBABLE…. One astronomer is convinced that by 2020 or 2025, we’ll have proof that we Earthlings are “Not Alone”.

(G.A.F. note: One might wonder what they have been waiting for with the last several thousand years of data?)

Field studies of Atacama Desert in Chile: - NASA news release 11/03.
(T. Cashman Newsletter, Fall 2002 – ) This report had an interesting item; it found that scientific examination of the Atacama Desert found it so dry and depleted, that if the Mars Lander had landed there, no evidence of life on Earth could be reported.

(G.A.F. Note: Certainly, the notion of “intelligent life” might still be up for debate)

From an email correspondence with a Friend and like-minded UFO associate in the Ukraine.

We were discussing the release of UFO information in different countries, and the apparent hostility of certain governments or military forces towards extraterrestrial visitations. Comparing information regarding events, he indicated that there were considerably fewer occasions of aggression perpetrated against such objects in the former USSR. The reason was an order, issued by the highest military command, prohibiting force against UFOs. Such was reportedly a result of a number of ‘deplorable incidents of losing aircraft and pilots attempting to engage or shoot down these objects.’ The Russian military quickly determined the futility of such useless displays of force against such extraterrestrial technology, which could potentially evoke an undesirable and far superior response; therefore the stand down order was issued.

Data also existed showing that one high-ranking Soviet military officer, and several fighter pilots, of being convicted, by a military tribunal, for disobeying the standing order.

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UFO’s Please Land Here: A Canadian friend & associate submitted this article.
Automobiles driving off highway A7 in the Netherlands take the Houten exit and drive their vehicles around a large, illuminated and designated UFO landing pad. The landing pad is an art piece by Martin Riebeeek, who in collaboration with the city of Houten, is intended to enable alien visitors to land safely and be welcome in the Netherlands.

(G.A.F. Note: Our friend added that one cannot help but wonder if influence from George Adamski’s visit to the Netherlands, and audience before Queen Juliana, had not left some lasting and beneficial impact within that country.)

Triangular UFOs again?
There has been some discussion concerning unsubstantiated reports relating to the development and testing of ‘Triangular’ super-secret aerial platforms designated as the TR-3Bs. Reportedly using a nuclear reactor to power a ‘Magnetic Field Disrupter’, used to neutralize gravity by nearly 90%, it was developed and built in the 1980’s and tested in the early 1990’s. Although not responsible for the thousands of actual sightings of Extraterrestrial space crafts, one report suggested the already prevalent notion that, especially in this case, majority of triangular UFO reports were not of spacecraft from other worlds, but one of many designed and built on here on Earth.

Search for Extraterrestrial Life moves to forefront: Science - San Francisco Chronicle, 12/15/03. NASA sponsored scientists declared, in a meeting of the American Geophysical Union, their search for life on other planets, and their moons, a unifying theme for solar system exploration. According to Prof. Jakosky, ‘Astrobiology is now the centerpiece of NASA’s efforts in space exploration. Mars and Europa (Jupiter’s moon) appear as potentially inhabited worlds, either today or in the past.

Noting that discoveries of microbes living in freezing cold, or no oxygen or light environment indicates the extreme diversity of life on Earth and makes it quite likely that life could be, or has been widespread in our solar system. Some Earthly insects would find themselves quite happy in a Martian environment.

A Geochemist at the Ames Research Center noted the importance of understanding how ‘the evolution of life on Earth, if scientists were to ever understand how life might have developed on planets elsewhere. His research suggests that water, and organic chemicals rained down on the forming earth from comets, meteors and outer space.

Another Professor concurred that understanding nature is crucial for discerning our own beginnings, empowering the search for our origins and distribution of life elsewhere in the solar system and beyond.

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From a friend, Jim Flora / (aka) ‘Sweeps Fox’ who maintains and promotes the Irish UFO Forum and Outreach society and newsletter.
Gordon Creighton – Tribute to a uncommon wondrous Life (1908 – 2003):

Reported was the passing of another prominent figure in the UFO field. Assigned as HM Vice-Counsel in China, Mr. Creighton had his first UFO sighting in 1941 while in western China, near Tibet, and such began his life long quest of the subject. He mastered no less then 20 languages and would later become a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Geographical Society, with an education from Storford and Cambridge University. He would be assigned to the Foreign Office, later Ministry of Defense and eventually at Whitehall in the top-secret section relating to the investigation and study of UFO’s and aliens. A contributor to the publication of ‘Flying Sauce Review’, established in 1955, later member of its board, he would later become its editor in 1982. In later years he would be banned and outright excluded by the British media from expressing his views relating to the subject. His ‘government service’ was cited as a reason for imposing such restrictive measures.

He will be missed………

Other Worlds& Life Beyond:

Puzzling Discovery about New Distant Member of Solar System: - NY Times, 04/15/04.
Astronomers have used the Hubble telescope to discover ‘Sedna’, the most distant member, to date, of our solar system.
Later in 2004, another more distant member was also discovered.
(G.A.F. note: Recall that George Adamski stated his space contacts indicated there were 12 planets in our solar system, labeling them X,Y & Z in his book “Flying Saucers Farewell”. Soviet scientists in the late 1970s also confirmed the discovery of additional planets in our solar system beyond the 9 publicly stated. Slowly but surely, it appears others are getting to the facts as well.)

Icy Water Deposits at Mar’s South Pole: - USA Today, 3/18/04.
Frozen water resides year-around at Mar’s south pole, scientists from the European Space agency report.

Rover Finds Evidence That Mars had Water: - LA Times, 03/03/04
Mars rover ‘Opportunity’ has discovered that life-sustaining waters once soaked the surface of Mars. Rock samples showed that sediments were shaped by flowing water – and may have even formed a great Martian sea.

Mars Has Molten Core, Hinting Vitality: - NY Times 3/07/03.
Based upon readings from the Mars Global Surveyor, Scientist from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) reported the findings that Mars has a molten core, NASA scientists reported. Added to other recent discoveries, the finding reinforces the idea that, far from being geologically dead, the planet my harbor volcanoes, liquid water and possibly life.
One Doctor and expert from Cornell University indicated that the findings suggested that Mars was warmer and more active in its interior than has been previously believed. Scientists also found that the core of Mars is about one half the size of the planet, as is the case of Earth and Venus.

A Towering Target for Life on Mars: - USA Today, 08/03/03.
Giant Ice towers formed atop steaming volcanic vents in Mar’s atmosphere maybe the best hunting grounds for life on the Red planet. Such hot spots are considered potentially similar to those found in Antarctica, where microbial life forms live off chemical energy.

Oceans suggest life beyond: - USA Today, 04/28/03. Nice France.
Humorously suggesting that every Science Fiction fan knows when aliens land, they are either here to steal our water, women and brains, there are no worries about the oceans or water scientist say, ‘if there are aliens out there, they have plenty of water.’

Scientists from CALTECH believe that ‘water must be very abundant in the universe, much more abundant than on Earth.’ And water is considered the prime ingredient for life. Another article – NASA probes find Mars’ High Water Marks, reported a team of U.S and Russian scientists discovered hydrogen, which combines with oxygen to form water, and they found so much hydrogen, it could not have been anything else.

(G.A.F. Note: Apparently now, there is no shortage of acknowledgment to the presence of hydrogen, oxygen and water on Mars. With the geothermal warming and an atmosphere as well, the logical conclusions can hardly escape us.)

State of our Planet:

Global Warming is Expected to Raise Hurricane Intensity: - NY Times, 9/30/04.
Global warming is likely to produce significant increase the intensity of rainfall and hurricane activity in the coming decades. Studies done with supercomputers at the Commerce Department and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. Rising sea levels could impact coastlines and low-lying island nations. The study can be found on line at

Profound Changes in Warming Arctic tied to Emissions: - San Diego Union Tribune, 2004. A comprehensive 4-year study of warming in the Arctic shows that heat-trapping gases from tailpipes and smokestacks around the world are contributing to PROFOUND environmental changes, including sharp retreats of glaciers, shifts in weather, oceans and atmosphere.

Huge Ice Shelf is reported to break up in Canada: - New York Times, 11/23/03.
A large Arctic Ice Shelf, stable for at least 3,000 years, has broken off, providing fresh evidence that the region is warming past thresholds that can produce abrupt changes, scientists warn. Unknown whether melting was related to rising atmospheric concentrations or the heat-trapping greenhouse gases, the break up represents one of the many signs of enormous climate changes that merited careful monitoring.

Magnetic Field Waning, experts say: - San Francisco Chronicle – Science Digest section, 12/15/03.
Reporting that the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has decreased by 10% during the past 150 years, raising the possibility that it may collapse and reverse, flipping the poles. In an excellent program entitled ‘Magnetic Storm, shown in locally on NOVA last month, such shifting and reversal is part of the natural process of the sun, the earth and all planets in our solar system. This article also states that over the southern Atlantic Ocean, a continued weakening of the magnetic field had diminished the shielding effect protecting the Earth from natural radiation from space.

Antarctica: A bigger Ozone Hole.
The World Meteorological Organization reported the legacy of decades of emission, such as Freon, and other ozone eating synthetic chemicals, has created and expanded hole in the earth’s ozone layer matching all existing records. Such increases the penetration of ultraviolet radiation, harmful to some life forms, and an increased of cancer rates.

Solar Storm: Science and Technology – North County Times, 10/31/03.
This reported one of the most powerful geomagnetic solar storms ever reported or observed effecting Earth based communications and power systems. The solar eruption sent clouds of charged particles 13 times larger than the earth, rushing through space at more than 1 million miles per hour.

(G.A.F. Note: Early exchanges between space visitors and our scientists expressed the concern over the amplified activity of the sun in relationship to the conditional state of our solar system. It was indicated that considerable time and attention was being given towards the careful collection and examination of data relevant to possible accelerated conditions. Also, the condition and state of individual planets indicate the rate and amplitude of their natural cycles. In the case of planet Earth, unnaturally induced acceleration or aggravation of this cycle, which is coming to its transition phase, could easily magnify the geophysical transitions, implications requiring greater foresight and education.)

Global Affairs:

Vatican & Italy will probe the Inquisition. - USA Today, 2004.
The Vatican’s Cultural Minister and Italian universities agreed to cooperate toward gather information concerning the Inquisition, which was instituted by Pope Gregory IX in 1230 and continued to the 16th century. It is reputed to become the most extensive study on the effect of the Roman Catholic church’s attempt to control religious beliefs (and science) during that period of history.

From USA Today Snapshots (Source Space Day)
A survey taken of what students think will be the most important benefit of flight in the future: Exploring other planets in our solar system for signs of life rated 43%, with scientific experiments in space at 26%, and finding new resources at 21%.

(G.A.F. Note: Thankfully, regardless the attempts to downplay the reasons and benefits related to our expansion beyond this planet, the younger generation still carries the hope and dreams so prevalent when President Kennedy launched us towards the stars. And it is in them and such dreams we must commit ourselves once again.)

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30,000 Year old artifacts found in German Cave: - Houston Chronicle, 12/03/03.
Some of the oldest undisputed artifacts ever found have been discovered in a cave in Germany. The figurines of animals are amazingly life-like and produced by skilled artists.

In conjunction with this article is the one below.

Skeleton May Be One of the Oldest in Americas: - Mexico City, 9/11/04.
Divers investigating underwater caves near the Caribbean coast of Mexico have discovered human skeletons radio carbon dated at 11,670 years or well over 13,000 calendar years ago.

In the same article, experts at UC Santa Barbara stated remains found on Santa Rose, an island within the Channel Island chain off the coast of California, were dated 13,200 years old.

(G.A.F. Note: The polarity shift of our planet occurs every 26,000 years, give or take a bit, and the result is extensive geographical alterations. There is a great deal of ancient history that has been ignored or purposely suppressed in order to maintain the status quo of established thinking. Slowly, it is being peeled back and perhaps the greater history of occurrences on this planet and the human history on it will come to light. Recently I had the opportunity to read two books – “Footprints of the Gods” which addresses historical records dating the S. American and Egyptian cultures. Another book “1421” uncovers the facts behind the Chinese circumnavigation of the planet many years prior to the Portuguese & Spanish. Of course, highly recommended are the books of Col. James Churchward and the archeological evidence behind the continent of Lemuria.)

Area 51 Secrecy Extended by Bush: - San Diego Union 9/19/03.
This article states that in response to legal action by workers allegedly suffering from exposure to hazardous and toxic materials at Groom Lake and interest of National Security, the President has mandated the USAF to keep silent about the top-secret Nevada based installation. It continues by adding that the secrecy over the years has fueled speculation about UFOs, aliens and other unusual occurrences, especially after a Nevada Test Site worker claimed he saw alien space ships there.

(G.A.F. Note: Some have claimed to be witness or privy to the fact that both alien bodies and a captured live alien is incarcerated at Area 51. However with the far superior technology and abilities displayed and available to our space visitors, no jail or location could ever successfully hold them prisoner. That is a fact. Also, neither would their fellow space companions allow such captivity to continue. Most assuredly, since our extraterrestrial visitors spacecraft contain both a Robotic and an Android, this type of artificial construction becomes the most likely explanation for any claimed eye witness accounts or reports of any such alien imprisonment.)

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NASA Defense Role could be expanded: - Houston Chronicle
Citing the article, it states that the NASA- Pentagon collaboration is expected to produce space craft capable of putting military bombers and spy planes from U.S launch pads to wherever they wish in mere hours. The undersecretary of the Air Force stated, “Clearly space is the high ground, and we need to capture that high ground and exploit it.”

“Some on Capitol Hill are leery of tying the peaceful space agency too closely to the nation’s war machine”, however, the leading politician on the House Science Committee stated, “ When you think about it, our future wars may be fought in space, so the Department of Defense ought to be at the table when decisions on space are made.” One former NASA administrator felt that linking NASA’s civilian work with the Pentagon’s war work makes economic sense and comes naturally.

(G.A.F. Note: In 1967, a treaty of principles governing the exploration of outer space, the Moon, and other celestial bodies, signed by the United States, provides that weapons of mass destruction will not be placed in space. It also states, that the Moon is a demilitarized area of which no nation can claim sovereignty. In 1977 the former USSR submitted a similar draft to the United Nations, which was recognized by the U.N. General Assembly.

Already 40 years ago; George Adamski and his space contacts were very concerned and warned against such possible thinking and actions. Not only is the potential of militarizing space and the consequences of aggression (war) from above devastating, the obvious intent towards the violation of this treaty and its initial peaceful purpose is of serious consequence. Also the clandestine acceleration of Offensive Military Systems and materials in space clearly deteriorates, and not strengthens, any chance of our national, planetary and individual security, eventually begging the question, “Who will protect whom from the so-called protectors?” Clearly, most would agree that we DO NOT need any increased number of conflicts upon our planet, and most certainly not the threat of war or global intrusiveness from the same earthly forces now wishing to extend their influence over all occupants of this world directed from space either. If such aggressiveness were to be foolishly extended beyond our planet, then such would most certainly evoke a neutralizing response of force from our planetary neighbors.)

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