The Millennium Part 1

Soon, the Western World approaches a change of calendar, what in the minds of many may be perceived as a momentous event - the passage through the window of time from one millennium to another. And with this mere passage of dates also comes a multitude of thoughts and expressions, some reflective upon what has been accomplished and where we are today. Others still of hope for what lies just over the horizon. Hope for new beginnings, hope for progressive change fostered from lessons and experiences struggled and hard won. Others still are of thoughts of uncertainty; thoughts consumed by fears easily exploited through ignorance and doubts of the potential changes which may or may not occur.

Yes, a great deal of attention is being focused on the various perceptions associated with this upcoming cycle of numeric dates; the countdown to the year 2000. For all our wishes and uncertainties, let us examine what this coming of a new millennium may, and may not signify; for in reality the 2000 year cycle has already passed nearly sixty one years ago.

The Roman calendar, from which western worlds derives its dates, has been admittedly altered several times. Not merely altered by ten days by Pope Gregory in 1582, or eleven days by the British act passed in 1752, but by an additional 60 years during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus and during the early time of Christ. According to records, in ancient Mediterranean societies, prior to the advent of the Julian calendar, there typically existed 10 months per year, each with a variance of approximately 36 days per month. However, scholars have learned that the number of recorded days per year sometimes varied significantly, based upon historical significance, festivals, and religious activities, etc. As additional scholars and theologians are beginning to reluctantly admit, that due to the calendar adjustments made by decree of Caesar Augustus, in addition to the changes and miscalculations since, the combination of altered years and dates has resulted in a modern calendar offset of approximately 61 years.

Although George Adamski also spoke of this date alteration, and its significance many years ago, another separate and highly accurate form of correlation can also be determined through the conjunction or alignment of planets, which are irrespective of mankind's manipulations of dates. The alignment of the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - also causing the brightest star in the skies above Bethlehem two thousand years past - represents the exact same two thousand year cycle - the conjunction of planets which once again astronomically reoccurred in what is presently recorded as the year 1939. Just like the passing of comets and the reoccurrence of eclipses, nature's astronomical calendar is very accurate, timely and specific.

So upon the consideration and realization, that unbeknownst to most, the actual year 2000 has since passed, then what is really being projected and focused upon concerning the upcoming change in millennium ?? Clearly the paradox between what we have been told to expect, and the reality of where we are, should already raise some interesting questions within our minds. Yet, if we are hopeful for the progress and changes which may develop, then that is the same hope we should always carry within us, regardless of day, time, year or date. If there is expectancy for intervention leading towards the solution of our many ills and problems, then we must acknowledge that assistance can only be extended between open, productive and willing parties. And if there is uncertainty or apprehension of the unknown, or the convenient crutch of all too common prophesies of doom or destruction, either from within or without; then we must recognize that lending thought and focus to acts of ignorance, belligerence and irrationality can cause such negative repercussions at any time, date, or place. A thought, individual or multiplied by many, equates into state of mind which can easily translate into actions derived from that thought or state.

However, if there is a place for dire concern, let us recognize that it results from our own actions, or lack thereof. While we show abundant concern for the state of our countries, the state of our economies and finances, the state of our relationships and lifestyles, how little regard is ever directed towards the condition and state of our planet. For indeed, as we travel forward in time, the resonant cries of our natural world and environment pleading for our attention, resolutely beckons us all. As populations soar, the demands upon our resources explode, and we appear all too determined to continually jeopardize the balance of our world in order to satisfy our own imbalances. Instead of actions directed at working with our environment, our frenzy for more is producing less and less, and each day our natural resources come under further attack. Forests are destroyed, oceans polluted, and the oxygen producing capability of our planet quietly diminishes, leaving one more piece to the chain of imbalance to unravel. At a rate of hundreds per day, plants and species disappear into extinction, and the answers and cures to modern medicine vanish into giant, consuming flames. Our oceans continue to be over harvested, unable to supply the gluttony of our demands, with billionS' of tons sewage, chemicals, and radio active waste added to the onslaught. Refuse sites alter the topography of the landscape, piling higher and higher, equaling some of our tallest buildings. And every day, our atmosphere becomes a spiraling mixture saturated with thousands of tons of toxic substances and gases, resulting in further ozone depletion, the alteration of the radiation screening process which safeguards our world, and increased global warming. And during all this, the natural world around us, which includes the geology of the planet itself, struggles to adapt and equalize. Equalize in whatever way it may, if indeed it can. The shifting and severity of weather patterns, the alteration of magnetic fields, the acceleration of tectonic plate movements, increased volcanism, earthquakes, etc, may serve as impending indicators of these resulting imbalances. As the messages repeat in intensity, ever insistent .....whether we like it or not, chose to accept it or not one can deny that the health of all these interrelated pieces of our natural world are what we are dependent upon for our continued survival and prosperity ....And we MUST wake up and listen.

So while some may focus on changes foretold, or clutch to excuses that circumstances are helplessly beyond their control, the true adversity is happening right before our very eyes, returning full circle, demanding each individual's undivided, immediate attention.

It was once said," one person can make a difference, and every person should try," and as one looks into the world today, one could easily identify innumerable worthwhile, positive, purposeful applications requiting our dire attention. So many fields of diversity to apply our helping talents - enriching our individual lives in the process - asking only that we direct some thought and action beyond our own selves. If we are to concentrate our energies towards a better tomorrow, a better century, then let us all put forth every effort to make that difference. Realizing that each individual is responsible for their own actions, and if we may have individually or collectively chosen a particular path or direction, we can also change that direction and chose another. Let us live up to the responsibility we all share, as the guardians and caretakers of our planet. Do this, and our future and prosperity will always be assured, regardless of which numeric date we designate it to be.

News of Interest:

Multiple News Releases Worldwide 3/98: From NASA's Lunar Prospector probe, "Probe confirms Ice exists at both Lunar poles." "NASA "Certain" of water on the Moon". "NASA probe discovers ice in Moon's soil." Early estimates range from 11 million to 330 million tons of ice spread over 18,000 square miles or comparable to a 4 mile lake 35 ft. deep. As a reminder to the reader, articles released in October of 1971 headlined," Moon water detected! Water clouds erupting like geysers through cracks in the lunar surface." Certainly, one can see that this information is already more than 27 years old and of no surprise to some. While in lunar orbit in the 1950's, George Adamski recorded these, and many other such observations, and they are also correlated in our book Alien Bases on the Moon II.

From London, 4/98: Europe's infrared space observatory has discovered water around stars, planets, and other surprising locations, again raising expectations of life elsewhere in the Universe. This coincides with the discovery of water vapor in the atmosphere of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. This signifies at least the 5th such discovery of water this year alone.

From Washington 4/98: Scientists Discover evidence of new Planets in formation. Signs of a new family of planets orbiting a distant star represents the clearest evidence of worlds yet forming and suggests that planets where life could evolve may exist throughout the universe, astronomers say.

From an article in Discover Magazine 5/98: In the past four decades, some 7000 satellites have been launched into orbit around Earth. Most satellites are invisible, but a few hundred are large and low enough to catch the naked eye. The lowest satellites orbit the Earth in 90 minutes and take 9 minutes to cross the sky. The ones perched higher up take up to 18 minutes to cross horizon to horizon. Satellites NEVER travel east to west and most do not orbit the equator. So the next time you witness a U.F.O High Flyer, crossing the night sky in a matter of seconds, or flying east to west, or even circling each other while flying in formation, remember not to confuse - or excuse -these extraterrestrial craft with our own space junk.

The Millennium Part 2 Planetary Changes

As turbulent speculations concerning the approaching new year continues to dominate attention, further analysis of the situation facing this planet - irrespective of man-made numeric dates - may help address some of the uncertainties associated to the changes already effecting our world, solar system and ultimately, us.

Many of the changes in our natural environment are directly dependent upon the condition, health and balance of our planet, which in turn is directly linked to the balance of our Sun and solar system. Ultimately, this unit is also linked on a greater scale to our galaxy, the universe that supports it, and so on and so forth. This balance is inherent upon Principles of Creation governing the entire cosmos. And under these Principles, the relationship between galaxies, solar systems, planets, and eventually all the inhabitants occupying these bodies is maintained in methodical order. Since nothing in creation exists in a condition of stagnation or state of inaction, then naturally, there is a natural process of creation, longevity, disintegration and resurrection - or the re-energizing of the elements leading to rebirth - which will perpetuate the cycle once again. Within each of these conditions exist smaller predominant cycles governing the balance and evolution of each unit. This overall cycle of creation, regardless of our cognizance or acceptance, is happening continuously, without end, throughout the cosmos.

With this expanded image in mind, in order to begin to recognize some of the evolving conditions that we are experiencing on our world, we need to recognize where, in this natural creative cycle, we currently stand.

* Number One: In 1952, the term "geophysical year" became "the" scientific expression. In conjunction with information obtained directly from our planetary neighbors, our scientists became aware that our sun had reversed its polarity, an event that occurs approximately every 26,000 years, and represents a natural cyclic pattern. All planetary bodies within a solar system are primarily balanced and influenced by its sun's actions and characteristics. Since a solar change will cause all associated integrated parts to adjust their positions as well, like the spokes of a wheel - spreading from its center - the repercussions of the sun's alterations rippling outward, will also effect both space and the rest of the planets. In conjunction, the resultant electro-magnetic storms generated by this alteration throughout the surrounding space, represents levels of intensity and severity far surpassing any planetary scale.

The effort to monitor these changes, and their system-wide consequences, resulted in the initial flurry, and primary reason behind extraterrestrial visitations in recent time.

On Earth, this identical 26,000 cycle of polarity shift has over time resulted in numerous planetary changes and adjustments. This does not mean that the planet flip-flops or rotates upside down. In reality, the magnetic poles, and consequent polar ice caps, relocate to different locations, and the result, depending on the acceleration and degree of this repositioning, represents significant geological and environment impact. Initial changes such as the environmental alterations prevalent in many headlines lately are associated with this natural process. The relocation and severity in weather patterns, i.e. increased extremes in the intensity of droughts and monsoons, hurricanes, electrical storms, and oceanic anomalies specifically like the El Nino / La Nina phenomena, etc. have their origin in this much larger solar systemic/planetary alteration. Patterns and magnitudes unlike anything we have previously experienced in recent times. As our planet shifts to adjust to the sun's realignment, the degree, or severity of these worldwide shifts are also related to the age, health and condition of the planet, of which health is directly associated to the actions of its inhabitants. Without continual aggravation, nature, as part of its standard cycle, will eventually adjust to meet these changes. However, through lack of education, and willingness to recognize and compensate, these changes may result in additional significance and consequence to us.

Based upon our own scientific discoveries and acknowledgments, we now know that the magnetic poles are constantly changing position, within recent time, wandering within a several hundred-mile area. However, geological investigations have also determined that during our planets geological history the magnetic poles have varied and shifted to numerous distant locations. Today, it is acknowledged that the areas and continents know as Antarctica, Greenland, etc, were once ice free and temperate in nature. Through time, the polar ice caps shifted to completely different locations. Glaciers have melted and relocated. The Sahara Desert was once tropical and lush. Recent discoveries in Egypt have challenged many entrenched and antiquated theories, and new evidence indicates that the Sphinx and Pyramids where built during these temperate times, at least 10,000 years ago. Sea levels have risen and fallen by many hundreds of feet, etc. Naturally, in some areas, these changes have triggered volcanic and seismic activity. All, of which we must remember, represents necessary geological adjustments in order to maintain total planetary stability. Like in our own bodies, gasses must escape or we will explode. And the law of action and reaction dictates if something moves in one place, something must give in another. From the last significant changes of 26,000 years past, the actual account of Noah's flood, ancient descriptions and references to the continents of Lemuria, Atlantis, and numerous other civilizations have drifted down in diluted and distorted recollection. And while there where significant changes in one area of the world, other locations of the planet experienced calm and normalcy. Based upon an estimate of the data and information received, the future magnetic pole and ice cap location may eventually stabilize somewhere in the area known today as Turkey.

* Number Two: Few people today could reasonably deny the growing acceptance and deep concern regarding our ever-enlarging impact upon our planet's condition. Sobering outcries from scientists and concerned individuals worldwide, reverberate the potentially serious condition of our oceans, land and atmosphere, and should serve as a serious wake up call to all intelligent citizens. The consequence of atomic testing has largely endangered the internal and external geophysical state of our world. In support and concern of this negative impact, Japanese scientists, through complex scientific equipment, have registered significant planetary rotational fluctuations following each nuclear test. Like a gyroscope, whose balance and rotation is constantly disturbed, the effects of these influences on our planet's oscillation can dramatically accelerate both the time and degree by which these systemic/planetary changes occur.

We know that atmospheric tests have increased the level of airborne radioactive toxicity. It is also suspected of contributing to the erosion of the ionosphere and according to statements by, and information obtained by Mr. Adamski, it also created the ring of radiation around our planet known as the Van Allan Radiation belts. In conjunction with carbon and chemical emissions, this belt of radioactivity is also deteriorating the ionosphere both from within the atmosphere and from without. In correlation to this, Canada's Dr. Gary Whiteford has accumulated complex and compelling data indicating that atomic explosions have triggered predictable seismic activity and earthquakes, often with devastating loss of life. And like a gong or bell, through the intensity and direction of an explosion - of which there is no prior knowledge, or worse yet, concern - it is possible to create intense shock-wave concussions that reverberate within the mantle's superstructure, and can lead to potential tectonic rupture and planetary destruction. Since all planets, and solar systems, are interconnected and interdependent on the stability of each other, our potentially irresponsible acceleration of both the time and severity of this natural process has caused dire concern and scrutiny by our planetary neighbors.

This is a secondary reason behind the same increases of UFO sightings, landings and interactions.

* Number Three: In conjunction with the solar shift, our solar system and all the planetary bodies within, of which there are twelve, has passed from its longevity stage towards the natural cycle leading to eventual disintegration. This will be followed by a re-energizing of all the components and molecules of the solar system eventually leading to a reformation of this matter many millions of years from now. Now, let us NOT lose perspective and jump to the negative state of mind, which has fostered so much of today's thoughts and talks of Armageddon, impending doom and destruction. This is an entirely natural process, which MAY take millions of years, thousands of years, or perhaps considerable less time, this NO ONE can accurately forecast for sure. Since all planetary bodies are dependent upon the condition of any individual member of this intricate structure, all planets are being closely studied and monitored in order to evaluate the situation. Many of the oceanic UFO sightings, reports from maritime vessel, military and scientific research ships, submarines, etc, of large Space Ships entering and operating under our oceans has its basis in fact here. A great deal of our planets monitoring and data collection has progressed deep in our oceanic canyons, rift and earthquake zones, where more direct access to our planet's pulse can be recorded.

This represents another reason behind their recent and continued interest in our planet and us.

* Number Four: Lastly, the Human factor or a sense of Humanity completes this totality.

With regard to this subject today, typically two polarities of thought are represented regarding extraterrestrial visitations or existence of UFO's. The skeptical arguments base themselves in two distinct camps. One, such visitors and crafts just can not exist, period. However, considering the ever-increasing discoveries supporting the essential building blocks common to all life permeating space and uncountable planetary solar systems nearby, this represents an ever-decreasing percentage of rational thinking people.

Two, some also postulate it would be completely ludicrous to imply that, providing such life exists, it would take the time or expend the effort and resources necessary to travel the distant reaches of space - simply to make contact or visit "insignificant us". Not only does this mindset imply the amazing attitude and assumption that nothing lies in-between our world and theirs, but also, is contrary to our thinking as well. For, through NASA's deep space program, are we not probing and broadcasting messages into deep space, searching and exploring the possibilities of life beyond our world? And what is so irrational about that?

And if the public cannot be convinced that we are not alone, nor the most intelligent representation of life in the universe, then some would strive to convince us that whomever would come to visit us from other worlds must exhibit the most negative, repugnant characteristics of intelligent behavior imaginable. Interestingly, such supposed behavior is often equivalent to the same behavior occasionally represented by some here on this planet. Hoping perhaps that we can not see beyond the comparison of what has become all too familiar and towards what we know to be better or sensible.

"We have grown very egotistical through time - no one wants to accept that someone is better than us, and this is one of our greatest problems."
[George Adamski, audio recording]

In reality, we know the exact opposite to be true. For thousands of years, if not since humanity first began inhabiting this tiny planet, such extraterrestrial human visitors have visited and interacted with us. Whether we care to admit it or not, the kinship of human evolution links us all together, and provides the significant opportunity to learn from each other. Just as throughout our evolution on this planet, as the opportunity and means to explore our world accompanied our wanderlust towards further corners of the globe, their advanced technology and desire to interact and expand their horizons has enabled them to cross the greater distances of space. As many of us have experienced through traveling and exposure to new places, this expansion of boundaries leads to the expansion of thoughts and ideas. Old concepts, theories, differences and divisions quickly disappear in the reality of our commonality. And if we allow it, this commonalty fosters understanding and compassion for all manifestation of expressions. This hopefully awakens us towards the sheer amazement and exhilaration towards the universal manifestation of life, which represents a concept they experience and live with every breathing moment.

This is the final reason why they have visited, and will continue to interact with us here on Earth.

George Adamski once said that we live in a time of uncertainty due to the fact that we perpetuate that state of mind. This has never been more true than today. "The Human body is composed from the elements of Mother Earth, from whom these minerals are loaned. Changes in the planet and environment not only effect these molecules within our bodies but the receptors in our minds as well. Since we tend to live in a state of unawareness, these changes cause uncertainties within ourselves. Our mind and body feel these changes, however, through our ignorance, we can't determine exactly what is going on. So instead of learning about it, oftentimes we go on without learning, and perpetuate that continued feeling of uncertainty."

Perhaps it is never been said more truly; "Know thyself and you shall know all things."

News of Interest Part 2:

In direct correlation to the before discussed information comes this article.

San Diego Union, April 16, 1999. NASA Landsat 7 Satellite Thrust into Space to Eye Earth's Conditions: This, the latest satellite launched in a series dating back to 1972, reflects a continuum of satellite data collection and examination relating to our alternating global conditions. One of the Landsat 7's functions is to monitor the increase in geophysical activities such as floods, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, deforestation, glacial retreats, to population changes, and overall health of the environment. This in combination with numerous previous Solar Missions to monitor the sun's activities certainly appears to reflect our scientific communities' concern regarding the same solar systemic and planetary geophysical conditions mentioned earlier.

Although a bit out of date in conjunction to other news items in this segment, this correlates directly to the radiation belt information contained in the body of the previous text.

Houston Chronicle, December 1998: Belts of Radiation found to Pose Great Risk to Space-Walkers Scientists from the University of Colorado have found that the radiation belts surrounding the Earth can become extremely powerful in a matter of seconds, posing far greater risks to astronauts and communications satellites than previously believed.

Changes in the planet's magnetic field can accelerate electrons in the belts to nearly the speed of light. Under such charged conditions, particles can pierce a sheet of aluminum half an inch thick.

Discover Magazine, May 1999: Found in Space: The Stuff of Life If Life exists elsewhere in the Universe, Dr. Bernstein, a NASA's Ames Research Center chemist, believes that its basic biochemistry is very similar to our own. His experiment supports the conclusion that the elements necessary for rudimentary life functions are prevalent within interstellar dust, and if so, life is being formed everywhere solar systems are forming.

This coincides with earlier research and statements made by Dr. Ponamperuma, Director of the University of Maryland Laboratory of Chemical Evolution; "When we land somewhere on another planet, do not be surprised if someone steps up to shake our hand."

San Diego Union, April 16, 1999. Scientists Find We're Not Alone - Another Solar System Detected The article states that this discovery lays to rest any doubt that the formation and construction of solar systems is either random or exclusive. According to astronomers, this represents a major milestone in planetary science and encourages astronomers in the growing belief that the Universe abounds with stars and planetary systems. Labeled as Upsilon Andromedae, only 44 light years away - an extremely short distance in astronomical terms, and our closest solar system neighbor, current examination has determined numerous planetary satellites, several larger than Jupiter.

On the same day, Canada's newspaper, The Globe and Mail, Astronomy Section reported scientists indicating that finding these planets around one star is quite significant and puts more constraints and limits on any theory of planetary formation and evolution. And they are worried that the conventional ways of explaining giant planets is inadequate.

Interestingly, it seems that some are more worried about maintaining the old concepts and theories, rather than embracing the newness of scientific discovery.

This coincides with numerous scientific and space related insights already revealed by George Adamski nearly 40 years ago. In 1963 Mr. Adamski said that the space people with whom he was in contact had addressed this information, which he also passed on to our government. "Their deep space exploration has discovered a 13th solar system very close nearby, whose planets are currently advanced to the state of suitable human inhabitation. Since this number represents an imbalance in the natural numeric equilibrium, out of necessity, one system will disintegrate in order to sustain the overall balance of 12 required to maintain the new and existing ones. Because of their direct knowledge of this principle, and their capability of deep space travel for many thousands of years, their research of the surrounding solar systems has discovered that ours is the oldest solar system within our unit of 12. And it represents the next solar system in the natural processes of this recycling. The molecules are pulled to a magnetic hole and are there recharged and released into space for latter re-formation. As previously stated in this article, and many times before, this represents a process which takes a very long period of time, millions of years in fact, and needs to be kept in proper prospective. However, armed with this knowledge, the civilizations of each planet in our solar system are in the gradual process of transporting their populations to that new system. This includes some that have volunteered from Earth as well. Since our planet represents the only one without mass population transit capability, they have enthusiastically encouraged us in our space exploration activities, hoping that we would initiate more receptive and interactive contact with our planetary neighbors sooner rather than later.

Scientific American, April 1999: Japan Fields a Big League Light Gatherer The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has finalized the new Subaru infrared telescope built atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea at an altitude of 13,796 ft. This new telescope boasts the largest single piece mirror (8.3-meter diameter) and is the most expensive telescope ever built. Once scientists deploy systems to nullify image degrading atmospheric turbulence, Subaru could prove superior at near infrared wavelengths to the Hubble Space Telescope.

From the same edition of Scientific American: Global theory bolsters the theories that water persisted on Mars. Mars's Sinuous Channel in Nanedi Vallis is considered strong evidence of sustained water flow. Also, new laser altimeter readings indicate that if the polar ice melted it would now cover the entire planets surface nine to twelve meters, and not thousands of meters as previously thought. However, the consensus is that more may be located underground.

USA Today, April 30, 1999: Research: Mar's Present, is Earth's Future: Mars is more like Earth than expected, commented scientists. Mars once had a global magnetic field and tectonic process under which oceans might have been. According to some scientists, this geological process was previously believed unique to Earth. According to scientists at NASA, someday our planet will be like Mars, because our planet goes through the same changes.

How amazing it is, that each day science is becoming more aware, and admitting, of the similarities between our World and the other planets. That the processes of planetary and biological evolution, exhibiting the same parallels and patterns, is being acknowledged. That there is universality, definite principles, and intelligence guiding creation. And that a great deal of this knowledge has been spoken of, and available for nearly five decades. "Sometimes it seems to take lots of time and effort just to open one extra cell of that brain of ours - let alone the next 10%". [George Adamski]

We hope that the information presented will help and encourage those who seek greater insight and understanding concerning the relationships and changes effecting our planet, and ourselves.

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