News Of Interest -
November 1997

World War II Sightings

We at the Foundation have become aware of and have received multiple inquires pertaining to recent claims by individuals that the space craft sighted by George Adamski and numerous other people worldwide were really secret WWII German inventions. According to uncovered Nazi drawings, these "Flugscheneiben" resembled the saucer or bell shaped UFO's, and were reported to incorporate experimental propulsion systems. There, based upon this knowledge, some UFO investigators and skeptics submit that we are not really being visited by extraterrestrial visitors at all, but only witnessing Earth based inventions.

Now, in light of such accusations, let us exhibit a bit of logical thinking combined with some deductive reasoning. If we were to believe that drawings or pictorial compositions of UFO's indicated their origin, then we would have to believe the Aboriginal drawings of similar bell or saucer shaped UFO's in the Australian outback indicated that they actually built them. Or the ones in ancient Egypt indicated that they did. How about the pictorials in North or Latin America? Clearly, we can see the direction this is leading, and also see who ever instigated such ideas never bothered to explain, or had an intention of having to, why so many of the same type of extraterrestrial space craft have been reported, and recorded, for hundreds in not thousands of years prior to the Germans and WWII.

Secondly, if only one were to consider the multitude of sightings which occurred unrestricted over all areas of the United States; from the far west, north, east and south, over the United States Capitol building, military installations, the Los Alamos secret Manhattan Project, etc., and that these could possibly have been hyper sonic German UFO inventions, then one would have to seriously question the security of the United States and the outcome of WWII.

Naturally, actual UFO sightings, not uncommon in Europe during the war, combined with German inquisitiveness, and unrestricted research opportunities, allowed them to pursue an attempted duplication of the extraterrestrial devices reported in their skies. Not any different from the U.S. Government attempts after Roswell and Aztec, or the South African, Canadian, or numerous other government's attempts. Whether successful or not, due to their extraterrestrial origins, these government secrets have not been revealed. However, considering the sheer multitude of other worldwide UFO sighting, any further attempts to discredit or rationalize Adamski's experiences and photographs as Earthbound or German technologies, surely questions the actual facts.

Experts Discover Elements For Life

For many years now, we have been continually forwarding information concerning our scientific community's discoveries pertaining to the discovery of life in our solar system. For many, these minuscule revelations are of little surprise, however we continue to include them as evidence that there is a gradual release of information pointing towards the universality of life available to those who maintain a vigilant watch.

In October, NASA's Ames Research Center released news entitled, "Experts Discover Elements for Life", scientists study finds three essential compounds on two of Jupiter's Moons, including the moons Europa and Io, which also have water and internal heat. Although reluctant to elaborate further, scientists go on to say that this increases the plausibility for life on Europa and also supports the idea that there were organic molecules streaming throughout the solar system. Ever so slowly, official acceptance towards the commonality of life's development on other worlds continues to reveal itself.

From Mars

From NASA's headquarters in Washington, The Science edition of USA Today reported that Hubble telescopic pictures of Mars indicate a more dynamic climate than scientists believed. [This certainly seems to be a reoccurring theme - discoveries of greater variance, information of greater significance, then ever previously considered or taught. Quite noticeably and ever so gradually, the public is being offered some truth] They describe Mars as having a colder, clearer, cloudier and active, dynamic weather system. That temperature vary by as much as 80 degrees and has atmospheric activity with dust storms, and pink and blue skies. Plus during at least half the year, skies are reported to have some parallel to what is seen on Earth.

Along the same venue, a September New York Times article stated, " A Martian Mystery is Solved: Planet has a Magnetic Field." Scientists at NASA reported it to be weak but very clean, clear AND is considerably stronger than they expected. Planets generate their magnetic field by means of a dynamo consisting of a rotating molten core. Rotation of the planet, in conjunction with the motions of the molten core, create electrical currents and fields. This in turn help develop radiation belts, atmospheric pressure, etc. The new findings also provide intriguing data towards micro-biotic life developing on Mars at about the same time as it got started on Earth - 3.8 billion years ago. An amazing statement considering the implications associated with time line evolution. For as we all know, once initiated, just how tenaciously life continues to prosper, and adapt to an amazingly wide variance of conditions. Certainly never standing still or in regression, one has to ask, and logically reason, just how far has it evolved in 3.8 billion years ???

Astronaut's Revelations

Also in October, from Florida, former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell released a statement saying that extraterrestrial have crash-landed on Earth. He believes that some military projects incorporate technologies derived from captured alien spacecraft and he is calling for congressional hearings into what he calls a secret the U.S. Government knows all about. This certainly coincides with numerous other credible individuals, both inside NASA and without, who have given similar testimony towards this same fact.

CIA admits government lied about UFO sightings

Here is a comical bit of humor: The New York Times released an article from government sources stating that, "CIA admits government lied about UFO sightings". According to the CIA, the U.S. Military issued false UFO reports in order to allay public fears and cover their sensitive and growing aviation spy projects. However, just because they have apparently been lying to us for 45 years, that is not the case now, and everyone should happily believe them from now on. As laughable as this is, they somehow forgot to mention anything concerning all the UFO reports dating back hundreds of years preceding the U.S. Military and the CIA. This is almost as laughable as the militaries earlier reports of the bodies recovered at Roswell as being experimental paratrooper dummies. Naturally, one would have to wonder why dummies had to be kept top secret for 45 years or needed to be examined by doctors, or why the city undertaker had to deliver coffins for the dummies. Apparently, by feeding us such fanciful stories, our officials must be confusing us for real dummies.

Psychology of Misinformation/"Men In Black"

Just as we have read from the previous humorous report, it is very easy to see how circumstances of importance can be easily manipulated into something quite the opposite. Take an actual, witnessed event, apply time, and through a careful mixture of injected misinformation combined with common knowledge or fact, deliver what people want to hear and quickly confuse and redirect the entire occurrence. In reality, this represents nothing more than elementary psychology. The recent commotion concerning Roswell, and more recently, the marketing of Hollywood's Men In Black are very clear studies of this psychology in action. For a portion of the population, such cover stories are satisfactory, simply due to the fact most people are apathetic and can't see any direct effect to their immediate lives. For others, these deceptions provide assurances that those in power, who represent authority, order and protection, would not lie or mislead them. Thus providing comfort derived from not requiring thought or responsible individual action. And for remaining small percentage of those who know or suspect differently, such fabrications are not expected to have any influence.

In such a way, the recent motion picture Men in Black has been used to completely misdirect an actual organization and its underlying purpose. In this movie, these clandestine depicted heroes fight to protect us from undetected and dangerous aliens living amongst us. Psychologically, while cleverly at the same time incorporating the thought that they are here, it also ingrains the idea that we must always aggressively defend ourselves against them. However, in reality, since the 1940's, these darkly attired intelligence agents, have been responsible for exactly the opposite. They have threatened, intimidated, and sometimes caused harm to people who have either witnessed UFO's or had contact with their extraterrestrial occupants, and did not subscribe to the government's interpretations. Thus, these Men in Black, have actually imposed a reign of terror upon their own citizens and serve as another deterrent towards the productive release of UFO information. Sadly, not even the young and impressionable minds of our children are spared, for the same program is now in a cartoon version, thus effectively polluting the susceptible thoughts of our future generations as well.

Such apparently harmless entertainment fosters the mind set which represents just one more careful piece of a very thorough and comprehensive plan to discourage any individual thought towards beneficial interaction with our planetary neighbors. We must remain ever vigilant and aware towards the promotion of this type of thinking. Remembering that contact with those with whom we would consider as having infinite compassion and patience, there exists definite principles and limits. That help, progress, and understanding is offered to those who value and welcome it. And we here on Earth represent only one tiny speck in a sea of innumerable deserving places.

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