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The theory, the possibility of life on other plants, is presented as a treatise that you may accept or reject according to practical reasoning.
When the 200 inch telescope on Mount Palomar is in full operation, equipped with all of the instruments for penetration into space, it is quite possible that present accepted theories will be discarded for more firmly established facts of planetary structures.


By George Adamski - released 1946

A few hundred years ago, when conformity to prescribed dogma was considered a virtue, men were proud to proclaim their strict adherence to the belief of their ancient ancestors. But today when the mind of man is expanding freely with such great results of practical knowledge, we need no longer fear to express our faith in new ideas. We need no longer, for instance, fear to discuss openly our belief in the existence of human intelligence upon other planets. In fact, today the man who believes that this world is the only inhabited planet and that the suns and stars and planets of the great universe were placed there for the delight of earth-men, are marked as colossal egotists whose limited attitude of mind is a mark of demerit upon the ledger of human evolvement.  

How often on a clear, calm night have each of us stood more or less reverently gazing up into the velvety blackness of space enthralled by the majesty of those twinkling bits of light that we know to be giant suns and planet-worlds. How often has the question risen within us, "What are they like, those other worlds; are they inhabited? Are there other beings like ourselves upon them? Shall we ever know the truth or shall these distant worlds and solar systems forever remain a mystery to prick our hearts with wonderment and the desire to tear aside the veil of ignorance?" 

Men as a whole, have scoffed at the idea of other inhabited worlds. But as far back as we can trace man's fancy or his philosophy, we find a few great minds whose trend of reasoning has led them toward a belief in the universality of intelligence which demands instruments through which to express in every place where time and dimension exist. In the earlier ages of this planet, man's conjecture as to possible human habitation was confined to the moon, for it and the sun were the only definitely outlined orbs in the heavens - the stars and planets being mere points of light - but when the telescope was invented and man consciously passed through the crystal gate of that mechanical eye into the vast depths of space, he discovered other possible earth's. He put forth the hand of fellowship to those sister planets in our own immediate solar system, hoping against hope that definite knowledge of human life upon those other worlds would reward his efforts, but to date the idea is still in the field of conjecture. 

By means of telescope and spectroscope the astronomers, those pioneers of space have compiled data to the effect that so far as they are able to discover, there is no planet in even our own solar system that is capable of sustaining human life as we know it upon earth, for the atmosphere around the other planets is so tremendously rarefied. Even Mars, the planet most closely resembling the earth, has an extremely rarefied atmosphere and even though in its methodically laid canals which have no resemblance to natural fissures in the earth, there is almost positive proof of human intelligence and workmanship, there still remains a doubt in the minds of many as to the existence of human life upon that planet. The doubt is based, of course, upon the difference in atmospheric pressure, setting our own atmosphere as a standard to which all other planets must comply. How difficult it is for the human mind to break away from its habit thought, and what an obstruction to truth is this fixity of opinion. 

Life as we know it today is the result of a long process of evolution. At one time millions of years ago--this earth was not a habitable place but the germ of life existed here and out of that germ of life did forms come into being. The first forms were very elemental but as time went on they gradually evolved into a higher state of organization and greater concentration. All life and all form is the outcome of the evolution of a single unit or germ of life. We know that such germs of life exist elsewhere in space because forms exist in space and if intelligent life has evolved upon this tiny ball of earth is it not plausible and logical to assume that it should have done so on the countless and infinitely larger earth's throughout the universe? But what of the difference in temperature and atmospheric pressures -- how are we going to get around that question which has been the bone of contention to the two factions of believers and non-believers? Does it present such an insurmountable obstacle to the existence of intelligent life as some have tried to lead us to believe? Perhaps in the study of other worlds the great students of the heavens have forgotten to analyze conditions upon our own earth planet. Perhaps they have not taken into consideration the many varying degrees of temperature and gravitational pressure existing here or the innumerable types of active life to be found here. We may say that there are actually three worlds within this one globe, three distinct and definite worlds! 

Among other steps in our childhood training we are taught that the pressure upon this earth is fifteen pounds per square inch and that if that pressure were changed we could not live upon this planet. Most of us are satisfied to accept that as fact and delve no further into the question. It is, of course, a true statement in part but like many other facts is merely a half-truth. It is true that upon the plain surface of the earth the atmosphere pressure is fifteen pounds per square inch and it is therefore necessary for us to inspire into our lungs approximately twenty to twenty-five cubic inches of air in each breath. This amount is sufficient to keep up a pressure inside our bodies to correspond with that of the atmosphere about us and to replenish cell depletion. Such is the world as we know it atmospherically, but let us look about us a bit further and find what a wide range of conditions of gravitational pressure exists on this earth. 

At the bottom of the ocean we find animals which are thoroughly adapted to live in a pressure many times more intense than that found upon the surface of the earth. Because these forms have evolved in that particular state of pressure they have developed bodies that meet its requirements. We also find animal life in water that is constantly below the freezing point and fish have been found dwelling in water that sent the thermometers to the height of 208. 

These forms of animal life are composed of the very elements out of which the mother earth is formed and yet they are able to evolve forms out of that matter which are capable of withstanding intense heat and cold, high and low pressures. 

"But what of intelligent life?" you will ask meaning, of course, human life, for the average person belittles animal life as intelligent. Very well, let us go to the analysis of human possibilities in this triune world. 

We have divided the world into surface pressures, below-surface pressures and upper-space conditions -- the three worlds within one world. The great majority of our human element lives in the intermediate plane --that which has an atmospheric pressure of fifteen pounds per square inch and temperatures ranging from thirty degrees below zero to ninety degrees above zero. But if we were to travel the world from end to end, we would find humans living very contentedly in Arabia where the temperature rises to one hundred thirty degrees in the shade, and we would find men living in Siberia where the temperature falls as low as seventy degrees below zero. In this intermediate plane the land elevation ranges from sea level to seven thousand feet above sea level. Within this range of elevation are built the greatest of our human communities but, we shall also find large groups of men living on high plateaus in the Himalayan Mountains, nineteen thousand and twenty thousand feet above sea level. We find human life even in the South American Andes where upon the twenty-two thousand-foot plateaus the pressure falls to ten pounds per square inch. 

"It is not possible!" you may say. Perhaps it does seem improbable, yet the human form is capable of great adaptability. I have said that the ordinary human living in the intermediate plane inspires twenty to twenty-five cubic inches of air but he has an actual lung capacity of approximately one hundred twenty cubic inches of air and can train himself to meet the conditions of greatly rarefied atmosphere. 

Again, he is able to endure intense pressure; in fact as high as fifty pounds per square inch. Statistics can be found to the effect that in the construction of the East River gas tunnel in New York the men were forced to work under a pressure of forty-five to fifty pounds per square inch, and in numerous bridge and foundation construction projects the pressure has ranged from twenty to thirty pounds. 

Such is the adaptability of human life upon our own planet. In considering our own varying atmosphere and gravitational conditions, we may become a little more liberal in our conjectures as to the possibilities of intelligent life on other planets. And if we admit such life, by what means shall we decipher its character without actually traveling through space to view it with our eyes? I say it is altogether possible -- not merely by means of the imaginative faculty but by actual scientific calculation. In our research of physical phenomena and radiation we have discovered that every known element, of which there are ninety-two, has a different rate of vibration so by means of the spectroscope it is possible to ascertain the composition of any mass. An incandescent-mass produces a different spectrum than a non-luminous mass which must be analyzed by reflected light rather than transmitted light. And, an incandescent solid gives a different spectrum than an incandescent vapor, so in analyzing the light from our neighboring planets or our distant stars, we are able to tell definitely of what they are composed, the number of elements in their make-up and the approximate quantity of each element. We are able to calculate the density of the atmosphere and approximate temperatures. With such data let us see, then if it is not possible to judge the type of form that will exist there -- using our own planet and its forms of life as a scale or definite mark from which to work. 

To begin with, what is the relationship of the mother-earth with the form creations that live upon her, as taken in our own planet? Science has proven that every form whether it be animal, human or plant is composed of exactly the same elements as those composing the earth ball itself. And for those who hold to the religious theories rather than scientific facts this is also proven by the statement of the Christian Scripture which says that man was made "from the dust of the earth." Out of the dust of the earth was the form made and then was breathed into the nostrils of that form the breath of life. And what is this breath of life but the atmosphere surrounding the earth? If the atmosphere were removed life would cease to exist -- those simple, gaseous elements are the animating power of all form. And intelligent life upon our earth is the result of evolutionary processes, so does it not seem logical then that forms upon other planets likewise be evolved from the universal germ of life? And that its forms should be composed of the dust or elements of that earth, and that they should become animated by the atmosphere surrounding it? 

On any planet, the forms would have to be as much heavier than that planet's atmosphere, and as much lighter than its earth density as our own bodies are in relation to our earth and atmosphere. (This is) because there has to be a certain strength of affinity or gravitational exertion to hold any two objects together, and this depends upon a chemical's vibratory rate which determines their state of density. All form would have to be constructed to meet the requirements of the existing pressures of atmosphere. For instance, on planets having lighter atmospheric conditions the forms would be of a more delicate nature. Bone structure and flesh would be very different than our own. The atoms composing them would not be so intensely concentrated and therefore would be able to move about in a more active state. In consequence, the brain cells would also become more active and the race as a whole would turn more to the solving of intellectual problems than to the field of mechanics or heavy structural work. The bodies would not be great muscular forms in that case but probably more slender and lithe.

Our earth-scientists have analyzed the human and animal forms upon this planet of ours and they have found through experimentation that a greater or lesser amount of any chemical in the form produces a marked change in both the physical and psychological characteristics. The chemical content's of the water, plant life, etc., in our own world affect the bodies of those who partake of these substances. In different parts of the world the elements vary and the form of the individuals living there reflect that chemical difference in their stature and vitality. Inasmuch as the elements now known to earth science are universal, the effect of these various chemicals would produce like effect in any form. Knowing the density of a body and its chemical make-up, it is comparatively simple to judge its physical and emotional characteristics. 

Even upon planets whose atmosphere is so rare that life seems impossible, there may be intelligent forms existing - forms having the power of reason such as we possess, but the actual physical construction may be so fine as to be almost invisible to our sight, limited as it is to this particular plane of manifestation. We know that there is radiant matter and gaseous substance upon our own planet that we cannot perceive with the naked eye but which constitutes a great portion of our visible phenomena. Science has proven that matter as we know it is not stable. It cannot be destroyed but it is constantly being changed from one state of density to another now liner, now coarser; now solid, now gaseous, and a certain consciousness permeates it all. Such is matter, as we know it here evolving from lower to higher states of intelligence. Shall we then demand that upon other planets, which may be far in advance of our own, forms shall manifest in the dense state of our own physical bodies? 

There is no longer a question as to whether there are other inhabited planets in the universe but as to the type of beings who live there. And as science has through mathematical and scientific calculation proven the habitability of other planets, they shall by the same method analyze the character of the intelligence upon them. There are very few people today who do not believe in a continuance of life. A few there are who believe that death of the body is the end of all and there are a great number who are satisfied with a mythical heaven and hell where the soul either dwells forever in Celestial bliss or gradually simmers away in a flaming pit of fire. There are others who believe in an eternal nirvana where man is lost to all manifestation and active expression. But how much more logical and in keeping with a divine intelligence would it be to assume that eternal life expresses itself in evolving stages of progress from one planet to another throughout that universe whose boundaries have no limit. How simple for the soul of man to go on, finding rebirth in suitable form on each planet as his wisdom expands and permits further evolvement. Perhaps the early Druids had some hint of this truth within their being when they looked to the Moon as the Paradise for souls who had earned immortality. 

Let us, as a progressive people, join hands with science and turn our minds once led by superstition and mythical after-death beliefs to the logical theory of inter-planetary education and evolvement. This earth has taught and will teach us many things but there are billions of other grades in this great school of the universe and our eternal life demands eternal newness and eternal progress. The truly great minds of the day refuse to confine man's field of knowledge to the smallest pin-point in the universe. They refuse to limit the Creator to the production of a mere handful of more or less mediocre individualized intelligence's who have allowed themselves to be ruled by creed and dogma. Though it may take hundreds of years to prove that which asserts itself within the minds of these progressive scientists they are going steadily forward and will one day bring forth positive revelation of existing truths. 

As mortal beings we dwell in a mortal world, a world of dimensions, a world of form. We perceive objects about us, which seem to our physical senses to be possessed of certain contour. Definite color and absolute density or weight; we are aware of a concrete or static form of beauty but the magnificence of the ever-active force of creation, the unceasing motion of the minute atom-entities, are as far from our plane of sight as is the world of form to the man who is physically blind from birth. But we may see if we will -- we may view the splendor, the inconceivable glory of the Great Reality if we allow ourselves to perceive with the eye of consciousness; or I might say with the eye of love, for love is the channel of true perceptions. It eliminates time and dimension; it expands space to unlimited vastness and unifies the All-ness. I do not speak now of what we may call personal-love, but of the greater aspect of the magnetic force which is the infinite power of unification. For personal love perceives beauty in that upon which it is focused, but feels a sense of distaste toward other forms of expression, while universal love extends its magnificent radiation into all directions and dispels the total darkness. So through the desire within our being and the supreme confidence of accomplishment in our heart, let us will ourselves to break through the wall of mortal limitation to the immortal planes of vision where conscious consciousness no longer possesses within itself any phase of limitation.

We are now above all mortal concepts and therefore feel that we are suspended high up in space looking down through the eyes of consciousness upon all things, perceiving the inner reality within the world of solids. In it we see the beginning of action as two channels through which the chemical forces are flowing toward each other unite. As they combine they produce an action similar to that of the boiling of water and through this contact of chemical forces a third element is evolved, being projected into action by the energy or power transmitted to it by the primal action. This third element in turn brings forth-another act by coming in contact with a free atom, which is slightly higher in evolvement than itself. And through the whole of the universe such action is taking place constantly.

Looking down upon the world of the mortal we see the various planes of manifestation, which are designated as mineral form, vegetable form, animal and fowl, we perceive that man is the first one to observe action of these various forms but he looks upon them in a strange manner. Some of them he slightly understands so he calls them to his side and uses them as servants but those he does not understand he casts aside and calls them undesirable or evil. However, from the higher planes where we look upon all action with the magnificent perception of love we find that the coarsest thing on earth, which would be judged by the mortal as ugly has within it the most exquisite beauty. The action and reaction of cell life is unendingly creating delicate geometric patterns, which the consciousness of man has not yet conceived. And through the eternally evolving tapestry of creation runs the fine golden thread of light which makes of the total universe a magnificent glory of conscious illumination, and this all-pervading splendor cloaks every form in the universe in a scintillating radiation of color. Even the frictional and destructive element of the world of form, which to the mortal perception is unpleasant, carries within itself the beauty of the Infinite. It is the blending of all things, the relationship, and the unity of all things that the total perception reveals as ideal. The conscious eye that sees the basic network of the world of form has looked upon real beauty. 

Gradually the mortal man evolves to this state; by steady gaze upon the chemicals that come from the great laboratory of the Infinite he begins to use to his advantage the things he once called evil and thus his body takes on a finer texture. It rises to a greater elevation of sensitivity where he is able to perceive things which were previously unknown to him. He begins to relate these actions to each other and to himself and becomes more and more a part of the great illumination. But while this evolvement is slowly going on, there is a vast confusion and indecision taking place among the mortal ones - because of the self-perpetuated ideas which they hold. Yet the evolving ones are partaking without harm to themselves of those things that others condemn, proving that through the lack of perception and understanding man throws aside his best friend, condemning him as unworthy of his attention. Such is the state in which the greatest percentages of earth's inhabitants are living. 

As we look down upon the world of matter, we sometimes wonder how it ever evolves through all the opposition with which it is daily confronted. But it is going forth because the pull is upward toward that which man deifies as God or whatever name is given the divine. Although this God, such as man conceives him to be cannot be found; for from the heights of consciousness we perceive NOT man's deity, but countless numbers of various chemicals that are inter-blending, dividing, acting, reacting, evolving, descending, creating and recreating, (all) acting with a greater amount of intelligence than any mortal mind has ever acted. And the circumference of this particular action cannot be conceived, as there is none. In finer degrees above and about us, we see deity as action, ceaseless action, conscious, intelligent action -- action governed by the immutable law of affinity. This we see with the eye of consciousness, which is able to pervade and perceive all things at one time. 

From this point of perception we are aware that in the universe there is no pain or any sign of pain; only in the mortal world of consciousness does pain exist and that is due to the indecision, ignorance opposing understanding which produces a pressure upon the rejector. There is no act that here in this suspended state of consciousness is not understood according to its destiny. 

Matter is constantly moving toward the divine state and our flesh, as men know flesh to be, shall become universal, for the chemicals of the universe are created to serve in all spheres of life's action. There is no separation between the atoms of matter and the divine essence of the universal state. The primal substance moves up and down the ladder of vibration and Deity or the conscious force above all things, perceives only action and discriminates not between one act or another. For deity itself, whatever name you may give it still remains the All-seeing consciousness, the All-knowing consciousness, the All-powerful and All-creative consciousness outside of which is no other. 

So from the vastness of space we return you to the world of the mortal; out of the glorious freedom of the Infinite we bring you again to the confines of the finite. It is here that you must live and gain an understanding of creation in the realm of material manifestation; it is here that you must learn to expand your consciousness to gain an understanding of creation in essence. 

Here you shall see with the vision of men but if you are wise you will hold to the vision of deity. It is true we must live in a body of flesh upon the plane of earth but while we are doing that let us also retain the consciousness that we are a dweller of the universe.

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